WWE Wrestlemania 35 Review 04/07/2019

Hello Misfits! It’s the Wrestling Classic here with my review for WWE Wrestlemania 35. I know that its late but I was in New York last week for the event and didn’t have much time until now to really sit down to write my review. I also wanted to watch the WWE Network version of the event and take everything in for a second time getting a different perspective. This is great because I can give you all the experience of being there live as well as how I felt watching it on the Network. It is the biggest show of the year and wrestling’s SuperBowl. It’s the grandaddy of them all and in many ways the season finale of a year of wrestling. Its an annual spectacle that the WWE pulls out all the stops to send the fans home happy. There are many outcomes tonight that would send the fans home happy but will the WWE make all of them come true? Will Kofi become the first ever African born WWE Champion? Will the Beast Slayer slay the Beast? Will The Man finally have her moment? Let’s find out.

 WWE Wrestlemania 35

This show is coming to us from the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, New York.

I was there for the pre-show and the kick off but wasn’t sitting at my seat for most of it. I fully missed Tony Nese becoming the Cruiserweight Champion but from watching it on the network it was a really good match and I am actually surprised the championship changed. I’m happy for Tony Nese though. I’m a huge fan of the Revival but it was nice to see Hawkins and Ryder have a Wrestlemania moment together capturing the tag team titles in their home state. It was really cool for Nese, Hawkins and Ryder all winning the belts in their home state. The Andre the Giant Battle Royal was exactly how you expected it to be and the right guy won with Braun Strowman. MELLA IS MONEY!! I could not be happier for Carmella winning the Women’s Battle Royal. I was not expecting that at all as I think Asuka was the favourite to win but I sure as hell am not complaining. I popped for Mella winning.

– The show opened up with great hype video for the event and it was a really well put together package playing off the showcase of immortals phrase. Of course for Wrestlemania we got a ton of pyro.

– The commentating is split between the Raw and Smackdown teams. Michael Cole, Renee Young and Corey Graves will call the Raw matches while Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves will call the Smackdown matches.

– Alexa Bliss made her entrance in a silver dress on the stage. Bliss said that you don’t just need a host, but a goddess. Bliss talked about how if she wants a WrestleMania moment, all she has to do is snap her fingers. Bliss snapped her fingers and Hulk Hogan’s music hit. Big pop for the Hulkster as he posed and joined Bliss on the stage. Hogan did a promo saying it’s great to be back here at WrestleMania and right here in the Silverdome, which was a joke from when he said that instead of Superdome in 2014. Hogan said “MetLife Center” even though it’s MetLife Stadium.  Hogan asked what we’re gonna do when Hulkamania, Alexa Bliss and WrestleMania run wild on you? Bliss joined Hogan in a flexing routine. This was a nice surprise and the fans in New York popped for the Hulkster.

– Paul Heyman made his way out before Alexa and Hogan even got off stage. Heyman gets in the ring and says if Brock Lesnar is not going on last then he is not waiting and they want their match right now. This fits the Lesnar character perfectly and we’re kicking the show off hot.

Universal Championship
Seth Rollins def. Brock Lesnar (C) w/ Paul Heyman
in 02:30 by pin fall
Brock Lesnar came out to a ton of pyro which has confirmed that WWE will blow their pyro budget on this event. There was a cool new graphic for Seth Rollins as he made his entrance. Lesnar attacked Rollins before the bell rang. Lesnar hit Rollins with a F-5 outside of the ring and continued to toss him around until they made it to inside of the ring. The referee continued to check on Rollins to see if he was okay to compete. The bell rang and Lesnar continued with taking Rollins to suplex city. Rollins had welts in his back from the beating he’s taken so far from Lesnar. Rollins goes for a F5 but Seth slips out of the move. This led to a ref bump which then led to Rollins hitting Brock with a low-blow. It was followed by a superkick and three curb stomps making Seth Rollins the one to slay the beast at Wrestlemania and becoming the new Universal Champion. This was one helluva a way to kick off the show and it was super exciting. I’m shocked they had Lesnar lose is such quick fashion but it made sense. Brock underestimates his smaller opponents and they usually get the upper hand on him because of it but nobody has capitalized as well as Rollins did. He promised he would do whatever it took to slay the beast and he did. I enjoyed seeing Rollins spin the title over his head, knowing that the championship will be on television more frequently.

AJ Styles def. Randy Orton
in 16:20 by pin fall
This was a solid match that was ruined by a light that blinded most of us fans in the specific sections in the live crowd. It really sucked because I was really looking forward to this match. Orton and Styles are two of my favourites and I thought this match had the potential to steal the show. However, I never got to properly enjoy it till watching it the second time from home on the WWE Network. You could even hear the chants against the light on the televised version which I’m happy about because I hope they learn something from this. I am even more happy that Randy Orton addressed it on his social media. Now as for the match, I really enjoyed it. Both of these guys never miss a beat and this was a competitive bout between the two. Randy Orton teased the RKO early on.They went back and fourth trying to get the best of each other. I feel like they would have been more amped if they were getting the reaction from the fired up crowd they would have been getting if the light wasn’t shining in their face. Orton tried to get the crowd back into the match by getting excited and throwing up his arms but the people were too busy chanting about the light. Myself being included. Orton hit a RKO on Styles but he kicked out which left Orton shocked. Orton teased a RKO from the top rope which is something I’m not sure if we’ve seen before in 16 years with the company. We might have but I definitely knew I wanted to see it here but AJ Styles fought out of it. It took a couple of Phenomenal Forearms but eventually AJ Styles defeated Randy Orton. This was a solid match but fell a little due to poor lighting and the crowd not being able to get that invested because of it.

– Lacey Evans made her entrance in a red dress as she walked around the stage and then went to the back. Byron Saxton replaced Lawler for the next match so it was back to the regular Smackdown crew.

Fatal Four Way
WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Usos (C) def. The Bar, Aleister Black and Ricochet & Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev w/ Lana
in 10:10 by pin fall
Four really good teams facing of for the tag team championship on the grandest stage of them all. There is not much to complain about here. They fixed the lighting at this point thankfully. This is the first Wrestlemania for Aleister Black and Ricochet which is pretty cool. I think Ricochet might have the record for the shortest transition from debuting on NXT and to making their Wrestlemania debut. It was awesome seeing both guys soak in the moment as they walked down the ramp. Everyone shined in this match and had moments where they looked like they had the match won. There was so much non stop action that its hard for me to break down but I do recommend you guys check out the match. It was one of the highlights of the show for sure. Ricochet breaking falls with shooting star presses. The Bar dominating the match with Cesaro swinging Ricochet while Sheamus hit the forearms to the chest of Rusev and Nakamura. The finish came when everyone hit their big moves on each other. I want to add in here that the Black Mass is one of my favourite finishing moves today. The Usos hit the Double Ice Splash on Sheamus for the win. I really enjoyed this match and it really brought the pace back up from the previous  match which had the light issues.

Falls Count Anywhere
Shane McMahon def. The Miz
in 15:30 by pin fall
Its the annual Wrestlemania Shane O’ Mac special which leaves us all speculating what he will jump off of or what crazy stunt we are going to see this year. It must be really hard to be Shane McMahon when the fans have such huge expectations for at least one crazy spot in all your matches and you’re getting older. These spots must be harder on his body the older he gets but he never lets us down. This angle has been perfectly told with a slow build and it feels personal mostly since included The Miz’s dad in the angle so much. This was more of a brawl than anything else. The spot with Mr.Miz getting involved was fun and the visual of him squaring up against Shane will definitely be a meme of the year candidate. I think I was speaking for everyone when I say we were rooting for Mr.Miz in that situation. Unfortunately, Shane-O knocked his ass out and this fired up The Miz even more. They even went fought through the foreign announce teams area, which must have been a special treat for those guys to commentate that two of the superstars were fighting by their area. Funaki did not get involved as he was still fulfilling his duties as the number one announcer. There was a table spot and a spot involving a golf cart but the biggest spot of the night was the finish. The two climbed a scaffold structure where all these camera and other technical stuff was set up. It was about 15 feet high and the closer they fought to the edge, you knew someone was going to fly off. The both ended up going off it with a superplex which led to Shane having his arm over Miz while his shoulders were down allowing Shane to win when really both of them were really knocked out. This was a solid brawl and brought something different to the show. I feel like that bump was something different and new, which is hard to do in todays society.

Fatal Four Way
Women’s Tag Team Championship
The IIconics def. The Boss N’ Hug Connection (C), Divas of Doom & Nia Jax and Tamina
in 10:45 by pin fall

Paige was on commentary for this match. It was great to see Sasha Bank and Bayley walk into Wrestlemania this year as Women’s Tag Team Champions but its a shame they didn’t get walk out still champions. I really liked Peyton Royce’s “Eddie Guerrero” inspired gear and was really glad to see the IIconics make their big Wrestlemania debut. I loved how “The Hitman” came out to show support for Natalya and Beth Phoenix as they made their way out.  Nia and Tamina were in this match as well and knowing that Nia Jax was wrestling through an injury has really made me admire her effort more in this match. This match was great and showcased all the women in a very strong way. There was a point Nia Jax went to the top rope and I got really excited but she pushed off the top. That definitely would have been a Wrestlemania moment. I felt like Paige was throwing some shade at Sasha Banks during the match yesterday but I could have just been feeling that way. Sasha Banks hit her frog splash which still is special to me. Natalya locked in a double sharpshooter which is always an awesome spot. Beth Phoenix hit an awesome Glamslam on Bayley off the top rope but at the same time Billie Kay tagged herself in secretly. Peyton Royce tossed Beth out of the ring as Billie stole the pin for the victory. The IIconics are the new women’s tag team champion. This is such an amazing moment for Peyton and Billie. I was not expecting this to happen but I’m glad it did. The match was fun, it was great to see the return of the Divas of Doom on the big stage and the outcome was special for the Aussie bombshells. I still feel bad for my girl Salsa Banks.

WWE Championship
Kofi Kingston w/ The New Day def. Daniel Bryan (C) w/ Erick Rowen
in 23:45 via pin fall
This was the big one. I feel like in a way for a lot of people, this was the main event. It was a hard position to be in to follow this match. This was felt like the climax of the show as everything after this match felt like we were just dragging things on. This match told a story, had us invested and the fans were ready to witness history as the first African Born WWE Champion was crowned. Keyword there is WWE Champion. In the lineage of WWE Champions, there has never been an African born champion. There is an entire portion of the fanbase that now have a WWE Champion they can relate to and identify with. This victory in way was just as important as Black Panther was to those kids who never had a superhero they could identity with because all the other superheroes didn’t look like them. The match was incredible. Kofi Kingston came out to a great reception. Big E teased a gift he was going to give Kofi after the match if he won. Bryan came out as the villain nobody was behind. I honestly think there was nobody more fitting than Daniel Bryan to be the guy to put Kofi over in this angle. KofiMania draws many similarities to the Yes Movement just years ago. Its crazy to think that Daniel Bryan in the span of 5 years has had been apart of the most memorable babyface moments and played the role of a top heel in another major Wrestlemania moment. This was one of those matches that put you though a roller coaster of emotions. They had you believe that they might just screw us over and have Daniel Bryan shockingly win. The emotion on the faces of Xavier and Big E outside of the ring really added to the match. Bryan mocking the Yes Chant when he was in control to piss off the fans was money. The classic exchanges of punches that garnered the “yay” and “boo” chants showed how invested the fans were. Bryan locked Kofi in his labell lock a couple of times which enhanced the stress level of the Kofi supporters. Kofi missed the Trouble in Paradise and had a failed attempt of the SOS which made it seem like they were telling the story of Kofi getting so close but not succeeding. I figured Rowen would get involved which he did. Xavier and E came to the aid of Kofi but got taken out by Rowen fairly quick. This led to Kofi hitting Trouble in Paradise on Rowen followed by a Midnight Hour by Woods and E. It seemed like Kofi Kingston had this match in the bag at this point but caught a running knee once he got back in the ring. The fans erupted when he kicked out in the very last second. Bryan was shocked. Bryan stomped on Kofi’s face and locked on the Labell Lock for the third time. They made it seem like this was it for Kofi but he fought his way out and eventually hit the Trouble in Paradise for the victory. The crowd erupted. Kofi did it. There is no more trouble for Kofi but just paradise. Following the match, Kofi’s children came in the ring and celebrated with The New Day and their dad. Kofi’s oldest son was fully animated and could possibly be a future champion himself. They tossed the environmentally friendly championship and revealed the original championship with Kofi plates on them. Woods started crying as soon as he saw it which showcased how emotional this was for them. They also introduced a new tee for the occasion. This was overall the best match of the night and the best moment in my opinion. – Alexa Bliss was shown talking to Colin Jost and Michael Che in the trainer’s room apologizing about what happened to them in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. They had ice packs on their bodies and made some jokes about body parts. The “doctors” in the room were Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as a nice surprise.

United States Championship
Samoa Joe (C) def. Rey Mysterio
in 1:00 via submission
Booker T was on commentary for this match. This is Rey Mysterio’s first singles match at Wrestlemania in eight years. Mysterio came out dressed in a Misterio inspired outfit from Spider-Man. It was also super cool for Samoa Joe to make his Wrestlemania debut after missing the last two. Rey Mysterio hurt his ankle on the Raw prior to this event in a match with Baron Corbin so it makes sense that this was a quick match. I wasn’t expecting much and was surprised the match was still on the card. Rey Mysterio gave us a great entrance and some offence until he was caught and passed out to the coquina clutch. This was a big victory for Samoa Joe on the biggest show of the year and it served its purpose. Booker T’s reaction to the super quick match was funny as well.

Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre
in 10:10 via pin fall
This was another one of those matches I think was poorly placed on the card. I feel like people still weren’t recovered from how drained they were from the Kofi/Bryan match. This is the first time Roman Reigns hasn’t been in the main event of Wrestlemania since 2014. This is also Drew McIntyre’s first Wrestlemania in years. I am a big fan of both guys but was ultimately rooting for Drew to get the big win. I feel like he had more to gain than Roman did by winning. However, the moment I heard them play this up as Roman’s first big singles match in six months since being forced to leave to battle leukaemia, I knew the writing was on the wall. I really liked McIntyre’s entrance with the local NYPD squad’s bagpipe team playing music for his entrance. As a huge Roddy Piper fan, it gave me vibes. The Big Dog came out to a mixed reaction but a ton of pyro. The match was what you would expect between the two big guys. The story they told was that McIntyre was in charge for a lot of the match but it took one slap to wake Roman Reigns up for his major come back that led him to victory, It was a basic match to give Reigns the win in his first singles match in six months. There wasn’t much to it and there was no point in the match where it looked like McIntyre might win. I was really hoping for McIntyre to pick up this big victory but it wasn’t the case. There was no Ambrose involvement either as some expected.

– Elias holds a Wrestlemania concert in MetLife Stadium. He was interrupted by John Cena, who came out in his Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick. Cena insulted Elias and then attacked Elias with an F-U. It was a nice surprise to see the return of the Dr of Thuganomics. It was great to see this side of Cena rather then the corny “Never Give Up” Cena. He mentioned this being a heel turn and dissed his own movies and a part of me wishes he’d run with being this Cena when he came back but I doubt that’ll be the case.

No Holds Barred Triple H def. Dave Batista
in 24:45 via pin fall
Shawn Michaels was on commentary for this match. I was excited for this match. The video package before the match really explained the story better than the build up itself. These are two of my favourites from growing up and I was a huge Evolution guy during my teenage years. It was great to be there for the conclusion of this rivalry. Keep in mind, if Triple H loses this match, then his in-ring career is over. Also, that this is Batista’s first match in nearly five years and Hunter’s first match since last November. I also knew from reports in the past years that Batista wanted this as his final match to be against Triple H as Wrestlemania, so I was low-key happy I was there for his final hurrah. I wasn’t a huge fan of the outcome but its a tradition that wrestlers go out in defeat in their final match so I completely understand Batista taking the L here but I’d rather he didn’t for storyline purposes. Regardless, Batista got what he wanted and got to have his last match against his mentor and friend. I might not be the fan of Batista losing but as a Batista fan, I should be glad he got to go out on his own terms. Batista came out first with a more Hollywood like entrance with two black SUV’s and a bunch of security guards. He had his full pyro and everything. The funniest slip up was Batista tripping as he was getting into the ring. He got out of the ring, had a brief stare down with Shawn Michaels and taunted at Triple H’s parents before successfully entering the ring again without tripping. Triple H had an entire over-the-top entrance where he was on some cool car with skulls all over it. Batista has beaten Triple H three times in 2005 and Triple H has never beaten Batista. This was another match that ended up being more of a hardcore brawl rather then a technical wrestling match. Some of the highlights were Triple H using pliers to wrench back Batista’s dingers and pulling out Batista’s nose ring. Hunter held the nose ring in his hand as if it was a trophy. There was a couple of table bumps but it wasn’t until the last one where Triple H speared Batista did they actually break through a table. Then enter The Game’s sledgehammer. It became a game of who was going to hit who first with it but in between we got a couple of near falls. There was a Batista Bomb for a near fall for Batista and Triple H got a near fall after a powerbomb onto the steel steps followed by a pedigree. Triple H took a visually cool looking vertical DDT on the steps. Eventually, Ric Flair appeared out of nowhere and helped Triple H by passing him the sledgehammer. As Flair distracted Batista, Triple H got himself back up, jumped off the steps and nailed Batista with the sledgehammer. He followed it with a pedigree for the win. The match felt kind of long but I think it was more because the show started feeling really long at this point. I recall myself trying to count how many matches were left. I appreciated the inclusion of Flair for the finish for two reason. The first reason being because Flair was heavily involved in this feud even going back to 2005 and its great to see him get retribution. The second reason why I appreciated Flair being involved is because it leaves the fans to debate if Triple H could actually ever beat The Animal by himself or if he was only able to do so due to the help of the dirtiest player in the game.

– Alexa Bliss is backstage looking absolutely smoking’ in a green dress. Alexa Bliss introduces the B-Team to promote these Daniel Bryan collectors tee’s for if he won tonight. Ron Simmons rolled in and said “DAMN” to get a cheap pop.

Kurt Angle’s Farewell Match
Baron Corbin def. Kurt Angle
in 06:05 via pin fall
JBL was out on commentary for this match. This was Kurt Angles farewell and as much as we all would have loved a swerve we never got one. It was Kurt Angle versus Baron Corbin, nothing more and nothing less. Corbin had himself introduced by Mike Rome as “Wrestlemania’s favourite son.” Corbin also played off the fans wanting Cena to replace him and doing the “you can’t see me” taunt mid match. Angle hit many of his signature moves such as german suplexes, the angle slam and pulling his steps down before locking on the ankle lock. It was in the end when Angle went to the top to hit a moonsault that it cost him the match. Angle missed with his moonsault attempt and then was caught with an End of Days to lose his farewell match. There were no changes, replacements or swerves. Baron Corbin defeated Kurt Angle in his last match clean. Once again, its the respectable thing to lose your last match on your way out and that’s just what Angle did here. Angle really tried to give his all in this match but you could clearly tell he was slower than the Angle of old. Following the match, Corbin celebrated like a heel should and they showed the reaction of many shocked and disappointed fans at ringside. Angle said for the past 20 years, he had the time of his life in addition to tonight. Angle said that to end this night, he wants to hear those words that epitomized his career. Angle’s music played leading to the “You Suck” chants from the crowd. Angle stood in the ring and received a standing ovation from the crowd. Angle greeted his wife and kids at ringside. Kurt Angle got a standing ovation his entire way to the back. It was well deserved and Kurt Angle can say he ended his career on his own terms. He no longer has to put his body through the pain that wrestling has put it through. I’m sure this isn’t the last time we see Kurt Angle but definitely okay if it is the last time we see him lace up his boots. He is one of my favourites and left us with countless of memories over the years.

Intercontinental Championship
Demon Balor def. Bobby Lashley (C) w/ Lio Rush
in 04:05 via pin fall
Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush make their way out. Its Lashley’s first Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 23 in 2007 and this is Lio Rush’s first Wrestlemania ever. Lashley returned last year the Raw after Mania and its great to see he made the card this year. Lio Rush has been a tremendous hype man and I couldn’t be happier for him to make his debut on the big stage. Lashley was wearing some sort contacts that made him look demonic himself. Demon Balor was out next and it woke up the fans for a little bit. I should mention now that the televised version of course featured some computerized graphics for some of the entrances and stuff. Its a cool feature but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This red cloudy sky that they had for Balor’s entrance was great but the snakes they used for Orton’s entrance was ridiculous. Proof that its hit or miss but still cool. Now back to this match, it was 100% that Balor was going over because the Demon has not been defeated yet and I think we all knew this wasn’t going to be the moment they were gonna have the Demon be beat. Lashley did give him a run for his money. Also, with the help of Lio they got the better of him here and there. Lashley did one of his cool spears suicide dives taking Balor out on ringside. The match came to a finish when the Demon King hit a powerbomb on Lashley followed by a Coupe De Grace. I don’t think anyone expected Balor to have the strength to powerbomb Lashley and it was a super cool sight to see. The right man went over and I really hope that is the end of this rivalry that’s been going on for months now.

– Alexa Bliss makes her way out once again in blue dress this time, trying to beat the record of outfit changes in a single Mania. I think that record is still held by Miss Elizabeth. Alexa Bliss announces the record breaking attendance of 82,265. Following that Alexa says she thinks its time for a break…this eventually brings out Truth and Carmella for a 7 second dance break. The world’s largest 7 second dance break. I think everyone was exhausted at this point but there were some people dancing and I am the last to complain about seeing Carmella again.

Triple Threat
Raw & Smackdown Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch def. Ronda Rousey (C) & Charlotte Flair
in 21:30 via pin fall
This is it. For the first time ever, the women are main eventing Wrestlemania. The match didn’t kick off till after midnight so technically this match happened on April 8th. I really think at this point everyone was just beat and it even started to rain a little bit during this match. The entrances themselves were quite the spectacle. It started off with showing Charlotte Flair in a helicopter flying over the arena, leaving everyone to wonder if she was going to land somewhere in the arena or come down like Sting in 1997/1998. Instead, it landed outside of the arena and Charlotte stepped out of the helicopter onto a laid out red carpet in a leather jacket and her ring gear. The leather jacket was then replaced with one of her entrance robes and we saw her make her way into the MetLife Stadium. Joan Jett and Blackhearts played “Bad Reputation” live for Ronda Rousey’s entrance and you could feel the heat from the flames on stage for her entrance. Joan Jett killed it and I always appreciate a live performance of a superstars theme like this one. Charlotte Flair came out to all the pomp and circumstance filled with pyro. Becky Lynch came in last in this new gear and her former smoke pyro back for this big show. The match kicked off hot with Becky and Ronda going at it while Charlotte played it smart allowing them to tear each other a part. This match was a fight and all three women had their moments where they looked like they had the match in the bag. Becky worked on Ronda’s arm while Charlotte worked on Ronda’s leg. Ronda sold both throughout the much perfectly. There were moments when Charlotte and Becky were forced to work together to keep Ronda down. There were a lot of arm-bars, submissions, transitions between submissions, unique submissions using the ropes and attempts for submissions. The reason I point that out, is because the match ended with nobody tapping out but rather a unique roll up that was a reversal of a submission.It was a pretty good match that was worthy of a main event for most of it, but the finish was weak. I didn’t like the ending. The right finish was for Lynch to win via tapout on Rousey. Instead of doing what would have been the best ending, they went with that pinfall counter instead. The problem with an ending like that is there was not much of a buildup to it. It’s awesome that Becky Lynch gave Ronda Rousey her first loss in the WWE but I feel like it would have been more impactful if Becky made Ronda tap out. Instead, they seemed like they were trying to protect Ronda and had Becky pick up this huge victory under a controversial finish. This was a match that had nearly a year build, big implications and yet it fell to the same fate as Hogan/Sting at Starrcade 1997. The match lived up the hype but the finish didn’t. These three women had a great match though and I couldn’t be happier for them making history and changing their game.

Final Thoughts
This was a really good Wrestlemania that will be remembered for many reasons. Whether its remembered for the women main eventing, Batista or Kurt Angles last hurrahs or the emotional KofiMania movement, people will have a reason for remembering this Wrestlemania. The only complaint I have is about how long the event was. As a fan who was apart of the live audience, I was drained by the time it got to the main event and as someone who watched it back at home, it took me two and half days to fully watch it on the WWE Network I almost think that idea of having Wrestlemania be a two day event is not that bad of an idea anymore. It truly was a spectacle and they delivered a show that sent everyone home happy. I really believed they wouldn’t give the fans everything they wanted but they did. Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston all won. I had a feeling they would take at least one those victories away from us but they didn’t. It was an overall enjoyable Mania. Unlike last year, there was more than one good match and I think watching it back a couple of years from now we’ll appreciate how special this Wrestlemania really was. I think we’re just little drained still but once we’re back to normal, we’ll all be like yeah…Wrestlemania 35 might have been a marathon but in the end, it was really good. Check it out.
Final Rating – 8/10

What were your final thoughts on Wrestlemania 35? What final grade would you give the event? Where would you rate it on a scale of ten? Do you agree with my review? Leave your comments, opinions and thoughts below in the comments section.


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