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Game of Thrones Returns! Season 8 Episode 1 Recap

Winterfell- 595 days. 14,280 hours. That was the last time the world watched a new Game of Thrones episode. My friends, it is upon us! As you’ve read in the title, this is a recap of the first episode in this eighth and final season. This is your final warning!

If you’re still here, this is completely on you and I have no sympathy for spoiling the first episode for you. We pick up right where we left off, Jon and Dany are marching into Winterfell with the armies Jon brought back after bending the knee to Daenerys Targaryen. We get a quick glimpse of the ever entertaining duo of Lord Varys and Tyrion with Tyrion mentioning that it must be nice for Varys to not have any “balls” to freeze off, in the cold weather of the North. Much as expected, the people of the North are very standoffish towards the outsiders coming into their land. Upon his arrival inside the walls of Winterfell, Jon sees Bran for the first time in a very very long time, and you can see the immediate excitement on his face, while Bran remains, like Bran has become. Dany and Sansa try to exchange pleasantries, however Bran makes both of them aware that they have no time for any of this as one of the dragons has been reborn into the Army of the Dead.

Inside the hall, Jon has a tough time winning over the houses that named him the King in the North, now knowing that he has bent the knee to the Queen. Jon assures the group that he had a choice to either keep his crown or protect the North, and he chose the North. Tyrion tries to help out and tell them that whomever is lucky enough to survive this war needs to thank Jon for his bravery, oh and by the way the Lannister Army will be fighting side-by-side with them.

If you were wondering, dragon’s eat whatever they want.

Sansa and Tyrion exchange some words upstairs overlooking the courtyard, Tyrion says that many have under estimated Sansa and most of those people are dead now. Sansa asks if Tyrion really believes that Cersi is sending her army north, and says that she used to believe he was the cleverest man alive.

Arya and Jon reunite and she reminds him to not forgot that he is part of their family. Although she is a badass, a valyrian steel sword is still too heavy for her.

Euron Greyjoy still has Yara held prisoner as they head towards Kings Landing so he can reap the benefits of bringing the Queen a gift, and we all know what he wants. Remember that Cersi is pregnant from the last episode of Season 7, when Euron leaves the room after sleeping with Cersi, he says “I’m going to put a prince in your belly.” Pretty sure that line will come back and be used on him at some point this season.

Braun finally makes an appearance and he’s got a few special guests in his room to the tune of three women. They only want to talk about the dragons and then Qyburn interrupts to bribe Braun with a crossbow to kill Jamie and Tyrion, yes, her brothers! Qyburn describes it as “poetic justice” to kill them with the same weapon that Tyrion killed their father with.

Theon and some of the remaining members of the Iron Fleet save Yara, although Theon wants to go defend the North, and Yara wants to take back the Iron Islands so that there is a place to retreat to if the dead take over. Varys, Tyrion and Sir Davos are talking and Davos has a plan for the first time in history, a man and a woman co-rule the seven kingdoms.

Jon Snow. Rides. A. Dragon! Then he lets Daenerys that she has forever ruined riding horses for him. After having fun flying through the North, Jon comes back to Winterfell and tells Sansa that it doesn’t matter what title he holds, that without Daenerys nobody stands a chance, and that she will be a good Queen for all of them. Sansa asks if Jon bent the knee to save the North or because he loves her.

Samwell is reading a book (go figure) while Daenerys and Jorah walk to him so she can be properly introduced to the man who save Sir Jorah. Here, Sam finds out that Daenerys executed both Sam’s brother and father for refusing to surrender and bend the knee. Remember that battle from the previous season?

Bran tells Sam it’s time to tell Jon the truth about who he really is, that Ned Stark was in fact not his real father and he lied to everyone he knew to protect Jon’s life.
Aegon Targaryen is actually who Jon Snow is, and he is the rightful aire to the Throne and the true King of the seven kingdoms. Also Jon might not have put the pieces together than Daenerys is his aunt, but that still remains true.

We finally get back to the Wall after the Night King destroyed it at the end of last season and we get all of the familiar faces up there, nobody important has died…yet. Eddison, Beric and Tormund walk through the halls and see a message from the Night King, which looks eerily familiar to drawings that Jon saw on Dragonstone while mining dragon glass.

The show ends when we have a surprise guest arrive at Winterfell. Jamie Lannister, and he gets a nice little staredown and shocking surprise to find out that Bran, whom he pushed out of the window all the way in season 1, he’s still alive. Well of course, for as alive as Bran can be.

That’s all she wrote! We will keep bringing these out each and every week for the remainder of the season!

Danny Bennetthttps://sportswiretap.com
Danny is a former USA Today writer and editor who covered the Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 2 seasons each. As an avid pro wrestling fan, Danny is also an accredited media member with WWE, AEW, and NJPW.

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