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Carder’s Award Favorites

As we settle in roughly 15 games into the season for most teams, it seems like a good time to pick my award favorites.

  • AL MVP: Mike Trout

Why: I think this one is pretty easy, as Trout opens up the 2019 campaign better than any season he’s had, including his two MVP seasons, it’s hard to imagine him not taking it home, as long as he can stay healthy.

  • NL MVP: Cody Bellinger

Why: The owner of the rookie home run record continues his dominance that streams from the postseason where he took home the NLCS MVP honors, so it’s nothing new knowing he’s hitting the cover off the ball to start the  2019 season, if he can keep this up I don’t see how this can end any other way.

  • AL CY Young: Blake Snell

Why: Is this even a question? Outside of a rocky start Snellzilla has been unhittable amassing 36 SO in 25 IP, while only getting 2 of 4 wins to start the year, if deGrom proved anything last season, it was you don’t need wins to win the CY, the only thing in his way may be his own teammate Glasnow, who has also been lights out.

  • NL CY Young: Kirby Yates

Why: Do I honestly believe a CP will win it? No, but the last time a relief pitcher won the award was in 2003 when Eric Gagne put up 55 saves, 137 SO and an ERA of 1.20 in 82 innings, and since then there has been no love for relief pitchers, Kirby Yates currently has 9 saves in 10 appearances, has struck out 17 and carries an ERA of 0.90, he only had 13 saves total last year. #RiseOfTheCloser

  • AL ROY: Vlad Guerrero Jr

Why: If and when the folk hero VGJ gets the call up he will make an immediate impact on the paper thin Jays roster, but in the case that this plan fails, Eloy Jimenez, who is already up and producing is my sub-1 for ROY.

  • NL ROY: Pete Alonso

Why: This pick is a little harder than the others as Tatis Jr. shares the NL, in my opinion, Alonso is just a little further ahead, he might even be able to pull off the Ichiro feat and claim ROY and MVP in the same season, there’s a lot of games too go, so let’s see how the MILB legend lives on.

What are your thoughts?

Who are your award favorites?

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