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Big block give Heat 1-0 lead in the ECF

Miami beat Boston

The Miami heat go up 1-0 on the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Final. Thanks to huge performances from Jimmy Butler, Goran Dragic, Jae Crowder and Bam Adebayo.

Biggest play of game 1

Social media is going crazy after what many are calling the block of the year. Heat center Adebayo prevented Celtics Jayson Tatum’s dunk attempt in the final moments that would have threatened Miami to an additional overtime quarter.

NBA legends Magic Johnson and Dwayne Wade quickly went on social media calling the play the best defensive play he’s seen in the playoffs.

Jimmy Butler on Adebayo performance

Miami’s Butler, who put up a big-time 3 point shot in the forth, said this about the block after the game: ”That’s a winning play, putting your body on the line and rotating the way that he did. We talk about it. We go through it over and over. Bam’s been our savior on the end so many different times throughout the year.”

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra also echoed what many in the locker room and organization say about Adebayo. ”Those are habits and instincts that he’s willing to put himself out there. That could be a poster dunk and a lot of people aren’t willing to make that play and put themselves out there”

Heat center gives his input on the play

Adebayo who was second in votes for the NBA’s Most improved award had this to say: ”My emotions were everywhere. Everybody else around me was happy. It’s one of those things it doesn’t hit you until the game is over. When it happened, I was looking at the clock like, `We still got time. Let’s go ahead and close it out.’ We did that but after that we celebrated and we’ll focus on the next game.” 

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