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Chris Simms gets backlash by Miami Dolphins fans

NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms is in the midst of establishing a list of his Top-40 quarterbacks in the NFL. Decending from 40, Simms list did not take long to mention the Miami Dolphins No.5 pick Tua Tagovailoa. In fact he was the first quarterback named, as the 40th best in the league, leaving Dolphins fans levied.

In his critic, Simms acknowledges Tagovailoa’s skill and charm but is concerned about his injury history and the recognized talent difference between his past teammates at Alabama and his current Dolphins roster.

“Do I have my concerns if he will be worthy of that top-five pick, and be a guy that can carry a football team on his shoulders and make plays when nothing has happened and all those things? Yes, I am very concerned about that. However, at the very least, I know he has got the talent to play in the league,” Simms vocalized while on the Pro Football Talk radio show Tuesday.

Tagovailoa was a top SEC QB, his record was 30-2 as Alabama’s starter under coach Nick Saban. During his collegiate career he threw for 87 touchdowns with only 11 interceptions. Simms assumes Tagovailoa did not deserve a top-five or top-10 pick in the draft; however, he still considers Tagovailoa a first-round talent.

This part of the list is where Dolphins fans feel absurd. On the list, Dwyane Haskins (39) and Mitchell Trubisky (38) are in front of Tagovailoa. These two QBs only make sense, understanding how both have played real snaps in the NFL.

Haskins — by no means — had a good rookie season, but he did show potential. Given his recent regression many fans forget, Trubisky was one kick away from making a deep playoff run. While many Dolphins fans don’t agree with the order, you can understand and somewhat comprehend Simms’s reasoning. However, Once he named a couple of other players, things were not understanding.

This next couple of players is were many Miami fans suddenly disputed Simms rankings. Justin Herbert, was the No. 6 pick in the 2020 NFL draft. He also as not played any meaningful football in the NFL, however he ranked higher than Tagovailoa.

Ahead of both Herbert and Tagovailoa, is Jarrett Stidham, who has completed only two passes and has two incompletions, including a pick-six facing the New York Jets.

These lists are pure entertainment during a time of no sports due to COVID-19, and are helping to keep fans engaged. Simms has now become another doubter that should build fuel for the rookie to prove and earn a top spot- after he learns from the sidelines for the upcoming season.

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