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What Miami has to do to win a critical Game 4

Heat need to start hot

The Miami Heat will retain control of the series when they play the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Both clubs have had some days off since Saturday’s Game 3, which resulted in a Boston victory in a traditional way. Gordon Hayward paid dividends for the Celtics and has changed the narrative around the sequel.

Important game for Heat

At 2-1, this is a crucial game for both teams. A 3-1 advantage certainly raises the Heat’s opportunities of defeating Boston and winning the series, while a 2-2 series flattens the playing field. This is a vital game for both organizations.

The Heat have numerous of things to repair leading into Game 4 — the most prominent will be their sluggish starts. It’s not so much that they are cold, but rather, they haven’t been winning quarters not finishing well, and have reached halftime with a double-digit shortage in the last two contests. They need to perform better there.

Miami must shoot better

Boston killed it in the paint with 60 paint points in Game 3, the Heat obviously will be further calculated in that department, and Miami just has to shoot better. The essential thing heat fans should look for in Game 4 is if the Heat can start to have an advantage when the Celtics play into their bench. Miami is more profound, but they’ve enabled Enes Kanter, Brad Wanamaker, and others to make too much of a difference in the game.

Probable Starters:


Miami 5 starters need to shoot better:

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