Top 5 point guards in Miami Heat history


The Miami Heat have had their fair share of top level talent in the teams history. Who are the Top 5 point guards of all time?

The Miami Heat organization has been around for well over twenty years, and the franchise has had its history of great players. Most recently, Heat fans still reminisce on the Lebron James era, and what could’ve been if James would have resigned with Heat.

The Heat under Pat Riley has and will continue to be a world-class organization, always actively looking to improve the team and strive for more rings and banners. The club’s most significant players in franchise history are Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem. Both players have been around since the first-ever Championship. Both players built the Heat culture and winning atmosphere.

Now we look at the top 5 point guards in Heat history that have helped put the team on the map. These players have played a crucial part in creating and keeping the culture within the organization. Also, this list will include some of the greatest NBA players of all time. Here are the top 5 Miami heat point guards:

5. Goran Dragic

Dragic is still an active member of the team. “The Dragon” has been with the team since 2015. Dragic was brought in to help the team potentially pivot from the Lebron era. Dragic has just recently reached 10,000 career points and is on pace to becoming a Top All-time scorer in Heat history.

4. Gary Payton


Payton’s time with the franchise was short, but it came in at a vital moment. Payton participated in the 2006-2007 seasons; within that time, Payton helped the team win its first championship. Payton is registered as one of the 10 greatest point guards in NBA history. Lastly, Payton helped mentor the Heat franchises’ greatest player Dwayne Wade.

3. Jason Williams

Jason Williams played from 2006-2008. Williams is a highlight reel waiting to happen. The Heat got Williams at the end of his career, but he did not disappoint and helped the franchise win it’s first NBA championship.

2. Mario Chalmers

Mario Chalmers time with the Heat was from 2009-2016; in the time Chalmers was a crucial piece in the 2012,2013 championships. Chalmers still holds the franchise record for steals.

1. Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway played with the Heat from 1996-2001, in that time Hardaway was a leading scorer for the franchise. Hardaway made it onto two All-star teams, one All-NBA first team and two All-NBA second teams.





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