Welcome to “The Show”

a few days from opening day, we get a look at a different kind of opening day.


It was the night before “The Show” and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…. well maybe a couple of streamers.

This day is like Christmas eve to a lot of baseball fans, tomorrow is the official release of one of the best-selling sports franchises, to some it’s a time to play with their favorite team or the player they have followed since college, maybe take a few hacks with the video game version of themselves.

To others, such as the creators who walk the streets of Twitch and YouTube, it’s the start grinding and pushing the limits of the game to create the best content possible, from BR (Battle Royale) runs to in-depth Franchise builds, Pack openings to Head to Head battles to try and reach world series status.

So I reached out to a YouTuber by the name of Dawson Wright, who carries a team of 27,108 subscribers (as of right now), for a few questions regarding MLB the Show 19, what he thinks will help the MLB gain a younger audience and where he thinks the future of the MLB the Show franchise will go.

Plus his pick to win the World Series, trust me it will surprise you.

First off, being a huge baseball fan and content creator, what does MLB the Show mean to you?

DW: I feel like The Show is really important to the online baseball community. The release seems like a start to the new year, it’s filled with enjoyment and support from everywhere in the community. It’s something that brings everyone together, and it’s really great to see.

Where do you see the future of, not only the game, but the community going? With platforms such as FOS (Field of Streams) hosting tournaments and attempting to grow the eSport side of the game.

DW: I see the future of the MLB The Show community heading more towards eSports. SDS hasn’t really helped with tuning the game in an eSports setting, and that had been the biggest downfall when it comes to an MLB E-League. A lot of the audience wants to see more events like FOS tournaments, but it really comes down to how seriously SDS takes the eSports side of their game.

How do you feel about the increasing number of MLB athletes taking up streaming? Do you think it helps grow the community? Or is it something you’re against.

DW: I like to see MLB players stream. It helps them connect with their fans, and that is something that MLB can really need.

In your opinion, how can the MLB grow their audience and capture the younger viewers?

DW: Presentation of players is usually the biggest issue. Players are forgettable, because they aren’t given a reason to be remembered. It doesn’t help that baseball doesn’t have a lot of individuality, and that’s what a lot of the younger audience gravitates to.

Mike Trout in my opinion is the best player in MLB, but not the face, what’s your take on Bryce Harper (The Show cover athlete) being the face, and most marketable player, do you think its true? And why?

DW: I’d say Harper is the one of the most marketable players out there for a few reasons. He has flash, he is memorable, and is very willing to put himself out there. Regardless of skill, fans really enjoy that.

Alright, this will be the final question, and it’s a tough one, putting bias aside who’s winning the world series?

DW: I have the Nationals winning the WS this year. The roster construction has been magnificent, Soto is arguably one of the best OF in the sport, the rotation is the best in the league, and the rest of the lineup has a lot of potential. I see them trading for a few bullpen pieces at the deadline as well.

I want to thank Dawson for taking the time to answer these questions and just being a stand up guy, if you want to follow his journey make sure to follow him at the links below.




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